In the Shadow of Griffin Mountain

Session Four Notes

Drinking the Water

Fruznari gulped down some of the filthy water in the tomb. Fortunately, I failed the Potency roll, so all he got was a bad case of the runs 1D6 days later.

Winning the Treasure

Here’s what you brought out of the tomb, and the values you could realize if you wish to unload them right away; if no value is listed, the item is too hot to sell or otherwise priceless:

  • Two red spinels, the “eyes” of the statue on the island: 580 Lunars each to a fence in Elkoi.
  • The glowing orb: it projects light in a 15 yard radius when rubbed. Light is extinguished if the orb is dropped or otherwise no longer held in the hand that lit it.
  • Tumblerbane: a key that can open any lock.
  • A selection of ancient coins. Face value equivalent is listed here, but they might be worth considerably more to the right buyer, such a collector of ancient coins.
  • A silver coin on a chain, worth 1 Lunar.
  • A ruby in a mahogany box, worth 300 Lunars in all.
  • An iron bastard sword with a crystal in the hilt (value is at least 3,000 Lunars).
  • An iron helmet with a crystal in the band and ivory horns.
  • A gold ceremonial shield, set with opals and garnets: street value is 960 Lunars.


Great session! In retrospect, I do feel a bit bad about robbing our ancestor’s tomb. But after that epic javelin toss by Eric, wouldn’t the real crime be NOT looting it? I mean, did you see that elf blow up??

Anyway, here’s to a life of angering the gods and living as pariahs!

Session Four Notes

Absolutely! That javelin toss was basically the gods telling us to loot the tomb. I think we’re all to pious to ignore their will.

Session Four Notes
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