Joh Mith

A much-traveled merchant of Balazar

Sex: M Height/Weight: 6’1"/286 lbs.
Born: 1588 Clothing: Simple tunic, woolen cloak
Race: Orlanthi Distinctive Features: Twinkling eyes, winning smile, shaggy beard
Nationality: Esrolian Residence: Trilus (nominally)
Master of: Communication Rune Cults/Status: Issaries Goldentongue/Initiate

STR: 13
CON: 15
SIZ: 15
INT: 15
POW: 18
DEX: 14
CHA: 13

Personality Factors



Joh is an Issaries Priest and a travelling trader by profession. He is an older man, in his late 30s and rather overweight, in spite of the rigors of caravan life. He carries himself well, and always has a smile and a good word. Joh is a good fighter, but if push comes to shove, he will defer combat to his younger wife, the Issaries Rune Lord Zix-Porub and their various guards.

Joh and his companions are regular merchants who make the rounds from citadel to citadel and then to civilized areas. They take out the furs and feathers of the natives and bring in metal ware and trade goods. They also make occasional appearances at clan meetings and so on, but this is often left to his assistants. Joh and his crew predate the other Lightbringer worshippers in this area and first came to the region with a former Esrolian mercenary Ostakker Three-Scar. Joh maintains a friendly and informal relationship with the other Lightbringers, attempting to keep as neutral as possible, but he sees them as potential trouble in his trading plans.

Because of his journeys through Balazar, Joh considers himself an expert on the region. Though he is not always right, most outsiders take his word as fact.

Joh Mith

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