Queen Jebith

Queen of Elkoi

Sex: F Height/Weight: 4’10"/82 lbs.
Born: 1587 Clothing: Diaphanous chiton fastened with jeweled brooches
Race: Pelorian Distinctive Features: Cat-like eyes, pouting lips, flowing ringleted hair
Nationality: Lunar Residence: Elkoi
Master of: Nil Cults/Status: Initiate of Jakaleel the Witch

STR: 7
CON: 13
SIZ: 8
INT: 15
POW: 16
DEX: 11
CHA: 17

Personality Factors



King Glyptus’ wife, at 35 years old, is a domineering woman who controls Glyptus’ life for him. She is originally from a lesser family from within the Lunar Empire. She never leaves the confines of the palace unless she is carried in her ornate sedan. She is an initiate into the mysteries of Jakaleel the Witch, the Seven Mothers sub-cult. Jocestis works closely with the Priestess Marusa and with her brother, Salar Var Enkorth, with whom she is rumored to be conducting an affair. She has given Glyptus two sons and a daughter. The queen is highly suspicious of foreigners and will never allow Glyptus to be alone with non-locals if she can help it.

Queen Jebith

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