Taklong Woodheart

Rune-priest of Yemalio

Sex: M Height/Weight: 6’3"/246 lbs.
Born: 1575 Clothing: Simple hides and furs
Race: Pelorian Distinctive Features: Piercing gaze, long white hair, craggy features
Nationality: Balazaring Residence: Elkoi
Tribe: Elkoi Clan: Black Dog
Master of: Fire, Truth Cults/Status: Rune-priest of Yelmalio

STR: 13
CON: 18
SIZ: 16
INT: 17
POW: 18
DEX: 17
CHA: 18

Personality Factors



An old man, Taklong is High Priest of Yelmalio at Elkoi. Officially, the Lunars tolerate him as long as he tolerates them. The Lunars do not encourage worship of Yelmalio here and the ruling family no longer patronizes the temple. Taklong himself is a quiet, serious man who prefers his own company. He is given to moments of compassion; it hurts him to see his people falling under the sway of Lunar civilization. He cares little for tribal rivalry, placing himself beyond the petty squabbling. Taklong is one of the few Balazarings who can travel freely between citadels. Most of Taklong’s time is taken up with leading worship for the faithful and teaching them spells.

Taklong Woodheart

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