Troll bodyguard

Sex: M Height/Weight: 6’4"/305 lbs.
Born: 1599 Clothing: Hides and leather, tattered troll ball jersey
Race: Uz Distinctive Features:
Nationality: Uzko Residence: Trilus
Tribe: Sazdorf Clan: nil

STR: 21
CON: 21
SIZ: 16
INT: 15
POW: 17
DEX: 21
CHA: 10

Personality Factors



Xigxag is a large Dark Troll who is Joh Mith’s personal bearer and bodyguard. Xigxag was originally a troll ball player from the Sazdorf Wackers & Tacklers. The clan, and the team, had an unfortunate meeting with a Humakt temple, and Xigxag has been wandering ever since. Joh Mith took a liking to the troll, who has sworn allegiance to the merchant in return for protection from the kill-crazy creatures they are likely to meet.

Xigxag carries Joh’s select pack of goods. It is a sturdy canvas pack which is sewed completely closed and regularly protected by a Lock spell. The troll has no idea what is in it.

In an emergency Xigxag is instructed to keep close to Joh Mith and help defend him. This leaves the Priest free to view the situation and use his magic effectively, and to escape with some important goods if need be.

It is normal for Xigxag to carry two large shields, but he can drop them and use his maul or mace to attack. He is brave and experienced in battle.

Xigxag has had enough experience with other races to have overcome his dislike of them, but not his distrust. He is uneasy around dwarves and elves, and try to stay close to Joh Mith to avoid a fight.

In the wild, Xigxag’s troll senses are a keen addition to the merchant’s defensive abilities.


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