Issaries Rune Lord, Wife of Joh Mith

Sex: F Height/Weight: 5’6"/130 lbs.
Born: 1597 Clothing: Fur cloak, leathers
Race: Orlanthi Distinctive Features: Flaming red hair, intense gaze
Nationality: Pavis Residence: Trilus
Master of: Communication, Motion, Harmony Cults/Status: Issaries Goldentongue/Rune Lord

STR: 13
CON: 13
SIZ: 12
INT: 15
POW: 17
DEX: 13
CHA: 15

Personality Factors



Joh Mith’s wife of 10 years and a Rune Lord of the Issaries Goldentongue cult. She is a native of Pavis and is uncomfortable around these barbarians. Despite the age difference (Zix is 27 and Joh is 37), she is very much in love with her husband. She is however, an almost exact opposite of him. Where he is pudgy and jovial, she is lean and mirthless (at least in public). She is the mother of three of their children, but has done little to raise them, delegating that task to various nurses and servants. Having children, even though two of them were born long before she became a cult member, was not her idea. She is more than happy to have Dushi Sone look after them.

Zix is rather close-mouthed and will not be free with information about anything, except to her husband. If there is a profit to be made she will see that she gets it. She does not particularly like Balazar, but puts up with it for her husband’s sake. She recently gave birth to their last child, Dushi, and has been cooped up in Trilus for almost a year while she was pregnant and then getting back in shape. Zix is anxious to do some serious trading, preferably as far from Trilus as is possible.


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