Brother Dog

The loyal dog is an old friend of the hunters. It is said that Brother Dog approached Foundchild during the Darkness and said he’d prefer to be a friend than food. The two became brothers and have served each other ever since.

The cult is open to men and women. The ceremonies are usually performed during Fire season, which is sometimes Dog-month, and is attended by young people and young animals.

During the ceremony the spirit of Brother Dog appears and after worshippers sing a magical song everyone can speak one language for a while, whether it is dog-speech or people-speech. This song can be led by any council elder or holy person and so there are actually many smaller Brother Dogs which appear on this holy day. Even within a clan there is often more than one Brother Dog.

To belong to the cult one must only promise to treat his own dogs as brothers (i.e., feed and heal them), to never willfully harm a domestic dog (while dogs promise never to attack a Balazaring), and to attend the ceremonies once every two years. At the ceremony the worshippers must sacrifice all but one of their points of POW to their spirit for that whole day, and also to bring some meat to feed the spirit visiting them. After the ceremony is over the participants eat the remainder of the sacrifice and thus regain their POW.

Members of the Brother Dog sub-cult will learn Canine Speech at 5% after the initiation into the cult.

Initiate Requirements: Obey tribal taboos regarding dogs.

Cult Skills: Canine Speech

Folk Magic for Initiates: Alarm, Beastcall (Dog), Find (Varmints), Mobility, Pet

Pantheons: Praxian

Brother Dog

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