Cacodemon is a demonic remnant of the army of Wakboth the Devil, remaining alive and embodied when his master died under the Spike during the War of the Gods. Cacodemon himself performed no deeds of great note during the War of the Gods. He did travel widely, sowing disorder and trouble wherever he went.

Cacodemon gained the support of the ogre race, and others of chaos as well, and for a time ruled a wide area of Genertela. Trolls, aided by Waha in Prax and other heroes elsewhere, suppressed the ogres and drove the Cacodemon to the Hero Plane with powerful spells. Since that time Cacodemon has operated primarily through its race of servitors, the fiends, chaos demons similar to the Cacodemon in appearance.

Cacodemon is cunning and intelligent far beyond human capacity, and never personally appears unless some opportunity for great destruction with little risk presents itself.

Cacodemon promises no life after death. His worshippers must take their chance in the primordial chaos to which all things return. Some ogres believe that they will be reincarnated as a fiend if they live a wicked enough life.

Initiate Requirements: Priest invokes Cacodemon. Convince with POWx5. Fail=Cacodemon attacks.

Acolyte Requirements: 70% in four of the cult skills. Succeed in three of the rolls to convince the examiners. Italic skills are mandatory.

Rune Requirements: 90% in three cult skills. Bold skills are mandatory. Must do an assassination or disruption task assigned.

Cult Skills: Combat style (any), Stealth, Acting, Disguise, Lore (cult), Track, Devotion, Exhort.

Folk Magic for Initiates: Disruption.

Theist Miracles: (italic=acolyte, bold=rune level) Bind Ghost, Chaos Spawn, Consecrate, Dismiss Magic, Heal Wound, Illusion, Mindlink, Raise Undead, Shield, Soul Sight, Spirit Block, Chaos Feature, Detection Blank, Extension, False Form, Sever Spirit

Pantheons: Chaos


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