Elder Wilds

Dangerground is the border between Balazar and the Elder Wilds. The region has never been conquered by humans; to most peoples it is hostile territory. Its inhabitants have always been members of the Elder Races.

During the First Age this was an elf stronghold. The Aldryami forests grew to cover the Redlands, Garsting, Balazar, and spilled into Dragon Pass. At first, after the Dawning, elves were friendly with the nearby trolls and dwarves, and gave free access. But the races began quarrelling about the time that the Second Council moved to Dorastor.

Northern fire worshipper depredations dwindled the Redlands forests. Balazar was burned sometime in this era, too, though no one knows if by Gbaji the Chaos God, by Zorak Zoran, or by some Fire god.

The trolls harassed the land during the Second Age. From Balazar they conducted their war with the nearby elves and dwarves and thinning the once dominant forests of the Elder Wilds.

When Balazar Lightson conquered and settled Balazar, the ousted trolls fled to the Elder Wilds, still pursuing their war against the elves. Some fled to the heights and fought dwarves as well. Now those racial struggles seem petty grievances in light of their mutual annihilation; the non-human races lurking here are leftovers from another age.

Even so, humans avoid this region. For the majority of the Third Age it has been left to itself.

Now magical energies are building and heroes are in the making, and old forces stir in the region, and reasons bloom for men to go seeking things in the forgotten lands. Just drop by any tavern in any town and you can find rumors of greatness for the price of a drink.

Elder Wilds

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