Foundchild was first discovered by Hearth Mother during the Great Darkness. Though an infant when found, he rapidly grew to manhood. While doing so, he was nurtured and cherished by the woman, whose inner power had founded a group that struggled together to survive. Upon reaching adulthood, he taught them the use of death as a tool to bring life. He also taught the songs to send slain beasts’ spirits back to their ancestors.

After Time, Foundchild has chiefly been a god of hunters, and has many worshippers. His worship has developed into a fraternal society in which the strong are respected, and the weak are protected.

Balazarings supplement their regular diet with game. The cult of Foundchild supplies the hunters for this purpose. Most of the best hunters belong to this cult, and it provides occasion for these hunters to meet together.

Spirit Worshipper Requirements: 50% in five of the cult skills. Succeed in three of the rolls to convince the examiners.

Shaman Requirements: 70% in four of the cult skills. Succeed in three of the rolls to convince the examiners. Italic skills are mandatory.

High Shaman Requirements: 90% in three of the cult skills. Bold skills are mandatory.

Cult Skills: Athletics, Locale, Perception, Lore (animal), Navigation, Disguise, Stealth, Butchering, Combat style with missile attack, Devotion, Exhort, Track

Folk Magic for Initiates: Beastcall (Bison), Beastcall (Bolo Lizard), Beastcall (Herdmen), Beastcall (High Llama), Beastcall (Impala), Beastcall (Rhino), Beastcall (Sable), Beastcall (Zebra), Disruption, Find Life, Magnify

Theist Miracles: (italic=acolyte, bold=rune level) Beastmaster, Consecrate, Dismiss Magic, Heal Wound, Mindlink, Soul Sight, Sureshot, Excommunication, Extension

Pantheons: Praxian


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