Seeds of Adventure

Wind Sword: This famous weapon was lost by an Orlanthi hero over 1,000 years earlier, during wars against elves and chaos. Rumor says the sword is in Balazar. Legend adds that it detects chaos and was created to destroy it.

Iron Crown: This is a famous magical item, said to grant great powers to those who would command multitudes. It once belonged to an Orlanthi worshipper from Aggar. It was stolen by ancient Balazar and subsequently lost. It is said to be worth 10,000 lunars in its studded gems and jewels alone.

Heartpiercer: Heartpiercer is the name of a magical spear said to return to its owner’s hand upon command, and is also capable of being thrown for over a kilometer with total accuracy if the thrower overcomes its secrets. Owned by a succession of famous people through the centuries, it (like so much else) was lost during the Dragonkill War. But a bard from Dragon Pass came through once and told of Heartpiercer being owned by some petty savage magician in Balazar.

Giant Hawks: A new species of animal has been sighted coming out from the land of Balazar. It is a giant predatory bird marked similarly to a vrok hawk. Knowledge temples want to find out more and, ever since someone discovered that the birds could carry men, military types and adventurers are curious, too.

Castle of Giants: Old tales relate that a part of the Giant Land is inhabited by a great, ancient, benevolent giant who is the treasurer of many magical things. He is indestructible (unlike his petrified mountain kin about him). He is said to be willing to trade magic items for magic items, sometimes even being interested in the most worthless object. He might even sell magic crystals.

Festering Island: There are several places in Glorantha where chaos found a weakness in the cosmic fabric and oozed through. There is one known to be stirring in Balazar of late, though what it has spawned is unknown. Some temples relate that this is a place called Festering Island but they know nothing else about it. Since most cults fear chaos, they will be willing to outfit an expedition to find Festering Island and fight the chaos it holds.

Castle of Vivamort: A persistent rumor in this land says that a primeval fortress in Balazar was once frequented by Vivamort, the vampire god himself. He was driven out before Time began by his foes, but one of his officers has lived there ever since and is sitting on treasure accumulated for the last 1,500 years and before.

Seeds of Adventure

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