The Glowline


About four hundred years ago, the Red Moon rose from the earth and set itself into the northern sky. On earth an empire of descendants and worshippers spread widely over the land. The Lunar Empire crowded over Peloria.

The Glowline is a semi-visible line marking the edge of the Red Moon’s direct influence. Outsiders see it as a thin red sheen hanging in the air, accentuated by dust. Outside the Glowline, the Red Moon is visible in the sky, but it changes its face daily through its seven day cycle.

Once one passes into the Glowline region, the moon always appears to be in its full phase, and Lunar magics always work at full strength.

The Glowline is a magical effect produced on both the mundane and sacred planes only after great effort and trouble. The Empire always strives to extend it but, due to the difficulty in doing so, it makes the attempt only into valuable territories.

The Glowline is stable along the edge of Balazar, always visible in the sky—it does not rise or fall, but remains stationary and visible both day and night.

The Glowline

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