Chance of Success = Exhort skill

At all times, the following chart is used to gauge success:

Roll Result
Critical The miracle occurs yet there is no Magic Point cost.
Success The caster’s Devotional Pool loses the full Magic Point cost, and the miracle occurs successfully.
Failure The miracle does not occur, but no Magic Points are taken from the Devotional Pool.
Fumble The miracle does not occur, and 1 Magic Point is taken from the Devotional Pool.

Exhortation Time

  • Initiate-level miracles take 1 Turn
  • Acolyte-level miracles take 2 Turns
  • Priest-level miracles take 3 Turns

One full week of study in the temple is necessary to learn a divine magic spell. The adventurer should also make an appropriate donation to the temple. The price of a spell depends on the level the character has obtained. At the end of the week that adventurer will know the spell.

A character can only learn a number of spells equal to his Devotional Pool. The amount of a character’s Devotional Pool is based on the following:

Character Level in Cult Amount in Devotional Pool
Lay Member None
Initiate ¼ of POW
Rune Lord ½ of POW
Rune Priest ¾ of POW
High Priest All POW

Magnitude and Intensity
The potency of miracles is based upon the strength of the relationship between a theist and his god. The more devoted the worshipper, the more power the deity can funnel through them. This not only increases the effect of the miracle, but also makes it more difficult for others to dispel.

Miracles have a default Magnitude and Intensity equal to one-tenth of the worshipper’s Devotion skill value.

A theist need not apply the entirety of a miracle’s Intensity if they wish to limit the effect of the god’s magic.

Theistic Traits

Area (X)
The miracle affects all targets within a specified radius, described as Meters, Tens of Meters or Kilometers. The defined units are multiplied by the Intensity of the miracle to determine the actual radius. If the miracle lacks the Ranged trait, the effect is centered upon the casting theist or whatever he touches.

Duration (X)
The miracle’s effects stay in place for an amount of time defined as either Instant, Minutes, Hours, Days or Months. The defined period is multiplied by the Intensity of the miracle to calculate the actual duration, except of course if the miracle is instantaneous. At the end of this period the miracle vanishes.

Ranged (X)
Ranged miracles may be cast upon targets within a range defined as either Meters or Tens of Meters. The defined units are multiplied by the Intensity of the miracle to determine the actual distance. Miracles which lack the Ranged trait may only be cast on others if they can be touched for the entirety of the exhortation.

The minimum cult rank the spell is available to. This is a guideline only. Cults of gods which specialize or control a particular rune or sphere of power may offer certain miracles to lower ranking cult members.

Resist (Evade/Endurance/Willpower)
Offensive miracles do not necessarily take effect automatically. Resisting targets may make an Opposed Evade, Endurance or Willpower test (as specified) in order to avoid the effect of the miracle entirely. Note that Resist (Evade) spells require the target to have a Combat Action available in order to throw themselves clear.


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