Legend states that Yelmalio is the son of Yelm, the Sun. During the fighting between mortals who supported their gods he led his people from the warm lowlands, carrying high the magic and power of his father.

Yelmalio was a commander and leader. He met and fought many beings for the cause of his father in the Gods War. But at the Hill of Gold he was disarmed by Orlanth, and then he was ambushed by Zorak Zoran, who stole his fire powers. The Son of the Sun fell and bled out his life-giving heat. His favored weapons of bow and sword fell also, and were absorbed into the knowledge of the whole world. During the Darkness Yelmalio’s wounds did not deter his struggle. He joined with the Lord Elf and others to fight against the relentless approach of chaos. He survived, and greeted the rise of his father, the Sun, at the start of Time.

The worship of Yelmalio was introduced in the Second Age, a period of revival among the cults of Fire and Light through Peloria, which overflowed into even the wilds of Balazar. Balazar was the name of the hero who introduced the cult in the Second Age, and his hero cult is considered indigenous to the region since he is worshipped nowhere else. He founded the noble families which have, ever since, provided heirs for the citadels of the land. The center of power is at Elkoi where the High Priest of Yelmalio lives.

The cult of Yelmalio is a specialized cult of the nobles and citadel dwellers, though occasional Balazaring hunters also join it to gain the noble status implied by the religion.

Yelmalio is popular among the elves, too, who have their own High Priest hidden away someplace in their strongholds.

The dead of this cult are burned at dusk with smokeless fires if they have not risen after seven days. Services begin with a great mourning and the burning, then wine or beer follow, as do victory paeans and the call for the soul to join with the Sun. At dawn the sunrise is read for omens, and the ceremony concludes.

Initiate Requirements: Born to Yelmalio initiate or served for two years in temple mercenaries.

Acolyte Requirements: 70% in four of the cult skills. Succeed in three of the rolls to convince the examiners. Italic skills are mandatory.

Rune Requirements: 90% in three of the cult skills. Bold skills are mandatory.

Cult Skills: Endurance, Influence, Insight, Perception, Stealth, Lore (cult), Oratory, Combat style with bow, javelin, or spear, Devotion, Exhort

Folk Magic for Initiates: Bludgeon, Coordination, Darkness, Find Gold, Firearrow, Fireblade, Lantern, Light, Lightwall, Magnify, Repair

Theist Miracles: (italic=acolyte, bold=rune level) Bless Crops, Clear Skies, Consecrate, Heal Body, Speak with Birds, Summon Small Salamander, Sunspear (High Priest), Catseye, Dismiss Elemental, Dismiss Magic, Heal Wound, Mindlink, Ripen, Shield, Soul Sight, Spirit Block, Sunbright, Excommunication, Extension

Pantheons: Elf, Yelm


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