What the Elder Told Me

Who Are You?
I am Skaylof Sharp-Eye, hunter of the Winter Hawk clan. You may call me honored elder or Elder Skaylof

Elder Skaylof, Who Are We?
You belong to my clan, the Winter Hawk. We are allied to the Citadel of Dykene. We are the descendants of Votank and followers of Balazar.

Elder Skaylof, What Makes Us Great?
Our skills at war and the hunt make us great. Our obedience and loyalty to the teachings of Votank, Balazar, and Grandmother Earth make us wise.

Elder Skaylof, What is the Difference Between Men and Women?
The difference between men and women is that men are the hunters while women are the gatherers. Men are the protectors of the tribe’s safety, while women look after the sacred fires, the food supplies and bear the children. These paths were determined by our ancestors for our own good. Both sexes are needed for a tribe to survive. To be the Great Hunter is the most honored position a Balazaring can achieve. This status is rarely achieved by women as they rarely belong to cult of Foundchild.

Elder Skaylof, Where Do We Live?
We live in the land called Balazar near the Citadel of Dykene..

Elder Skaylof, How Do We Live?
Men hunt and make war while women gather. Some women trade with outlanders like the Issaries merchant Joh Mith.

Elder Skaylof, What Is Important In My Life?
Living well and being an asset to the tribe during the hunt and in war. Honoring the gods, the spirits of the land and our ancestors are also important.

Elder Skaylof, Who Rules Us?
The chief elders of the Winter Hawk makes suggestions that we usually follow (when they are good ones that is!). We are allied with Dykene so we pay attention to what King Skilful Heart-piercer says as well.

Elder Skaylof, What Makes A Man Great?
Prowess in the hunt and war makes a man great. Obedience and respect to the ways of our ancestors and respect for each other also makes one great. The man who wins the title of Master Hunter of all of the Foundchild cult is great and this is the greatest honor we can attain.

Elder Skaylof, What is Evil?
Chaos is evil, the horsemen from the north are evil. Non-humans and outlanders are not automatically evil but they mustn’t be trusted. None of these respect our traditional ways and all of them can cause evil to befall us.

Elder Skaylof, What Is My Lot In Life?
You are lucky to have been born a Balazaring. We come from a great tradition and live in a hard but worthy land. Only here in Balazar can a man find the challenges needed to make life worth living.

Elder Skaylof, How Do We Deal With Others?
By avoiding them whenever possible. Others can bring about bad changes like when the Lunars conquered Elkoi and changed the place forever. If they come to us with friendly words and an outstretched hand, check to see whether their other hand is behind their back holding a dagger or sword..

Elder Skaylof, Who Are Our Enemies?
Most non-humans are our enemies, especially trolls and elves. Dwarves are the friends of King Skilful so they are our friends too. We must always be wary of people from other citadels but they are not automatically our enemies. The northern horsemen are our enemies when they raid us but that hasn’t happened for many years (thank Balazar and Yemalio!!).

Elder Skaylof, Who Are Our Gods?
We worship Balazar, Yemalio Foundchild, Brother Dog, Grandfather Votank, Grandmother Earth, and Fire. We also worship the spirits of the land.

Elder Skaylof, What Is There To Do Around Here?
Hunt and live well. Learn the traditions of our tribe and the skills you will need to survive and contribute. Honor and worship the gods and spirits and be a good tribesman. Enjoy your moments of leisure and the ceremonies of worship when they occur.

What the Elder Told Me

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